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  • Stars auf Eis (Stars on Ice)

    Outstanding skating performances and glittering entertainment: For her show Stars auf Eis – von und mit Katarina Witt” (“Stars on Ice – produced and hosted by Katarina Witt”), the Olympic champion... » more


TV format development by With Witt Sports & Entertainment GmbH

TV format development and production, ice show and corporate ice show productions have been a successful part of the With Witt Sports & Entertainment GmbH production company for many years. The production company has always been contemporary in its innovation and design.

Services and offerings: TV format

With Witt Sports & Entertainment GmbH is well versed in the development and creative thinking behind TV formats, and also is skilled in their subsequent production. In TV format development, commitment, creativity and the ability to convey content in an entertaining but at the same time touching way, are key. Experience and market knowledge are crucial – the best references here are decades on the public stage and dozens of successful productions, especially ice shows from With Witt Sports and Entertainment GmbH.


In addition to this vital and important preparatory work, With Witt Sports & Entertainment GmbH also produces TV formats, such as two seasons of "Stars on Ice" 2006-2008 (modeled on the US "Stars on Ice" format) in which Katarina Witt is the charming hostess and, as owner of With Witt Sports & Entertainment GmbH, co-producer of the TV ice show, or on the special show, "Goodbye, Katarina Witt: an International Star Leaves the Ice" on Pro7, with With Witt Sports and Entertainment as the executive producer and producer of a unique ice show gala.