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  • Enjoy the Stars

    Accompanied by an eclectic range of music from classical to pop, world-class figure skaters strutted their stuff on the ice. Katarina’s artistic vision was to entice outstanding musicians onto the... » more

  • The Magic of Winter

    With this show, Katarina fulfilled a long-cherished dream of producing a Christmas gala show. As with all of her projects, the theme of Christmas was also presented in a unique way. » more

  • My farewell tour

    Tens of thousands of fans bought tickets to watch Katarina Witt’s final professional performance on the ice. In a splendid farewell show that recapped the greatest moments of her professional... » more


An ice show from With Witt Sports & Entertainment

In addition to numerous TV format implementations, With Witt Sports & Entertainment has also always produced 'the' ice show with elements of figure skating. World-famous examples include "Divas on Ice" or "Enjoy the Stars".

Skills and services

With Witt Sports & Entertainment GmbH develops creative concepts for the ice show with the attractive elements of figure skating – music, aesthetics, athleticism and sex appeal.

Often ice shows such as these are also broadcast as a live event on TV or as a TV show. Directed by Katarina Witt, With Witt Sports & Entertainment GmbH is responsible for finding and casting the best talent for the ice shows, including figure skaters, choreographers, lighting designers and costume designers.

Furthermore, the company also takes care of the dramatization, design, marketing and PR concepts, looks for sponsors and oversees the production of the ice show as a sports and entertainment event in accordance with international standards. Customers and partners of With Witt Sports & Entertainment GmbH can testify to their high levels of creativity, innovation and professionalism to the smallest detail.

With Witt Sports & Entertainment GmbH creates successful, glamorous, and exceptional events on ice: the benchmark among ice shows.

Ice show productions

Recent ice show productions include the "Farewell Tour" and "Winter Magic" in 2005, the gala "Enjoy the Stars" from 2003/2004 and "Katarina and Friends", also from 2003/2004.

Other productions, such as the figure skating shows, "Divas on Ice" from 2000-2002, "Kisses on Ice" from 2001, the performances of "Summer Night on Ice" from 1999-2001 and "World Stars on Ice" from 1997-1999 and 2001, are among the most successful ice show productions from With Witt Sports & Entertainment GmbH by Katarina Witt.